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It's an inspirational story which began in 1989 when Timothy Dunn and his wife Jacqueline took a huge leap of faith and launched Timothy Dunn Flowers on the Fulham Palace Road.

Timothy's floral style was unconventional to say the least and his dazzling, daring designs saw the company earn an unrivalled reputation within the industry along with an enviable celebrity and corporate client list.

Having travelled the world searching for floral inspiration, Timothy has always been captivated by the colours, scents and sounds of the unforgettable destinations he's been fortunate enough to visit. From the tranquillity of his Grandmother’s English country garden to the gold & spice souks of Dubai, the incredible flower markets of Bangkok and rugged shores of Greece. It was these memories that inspired Timothy to recreate and bring these back home for everyone to experience through his home fragrance range.


Timothy has Synaesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon whereby he doesn't just see colours he smells colours too, and now paints what he hears through a wide genre of music.

In recent years after a life-threatening illness presented Timothy with his biggest challenge to date he started vividly dreaming in colour and seeing unexplainable masterpieces in his mind. With an uncontrollable urge to express himself and transfer his visions onto canvas where his brush strokes can only be described as an explosion of colour. It was a result of these overwhelming canvases which were a true feast for the eyes that his synaesthesia came to light.

Out of this extraordinary merging of gifts (and a global pandemic) The Artist Collection was created.

"When painting I totally immerse myself in the music I'm listening to and morph myself into the conductor where my baton becomes my brush and the strokes on the canvas are dependant on the music I'm listening, to which ranges from heavy duty classical to drum and bass via a string quartet. You could call it my way expressing of action painting."



I had been working for over two years with the idea of a rebrand along with an array of new fragrances, but we were so busy on the flower front there never seemed a period where we could sit down, do some brainstorming, and start coming up with ideas.

Then along came covid-19 and separation (isolation).

Three months of absolutely nothing isolated in our homes but from a personal point of view constantly thinking about the future and how we were going to reinvent ourselves with the floral industry on its knees.

We had previously worked with some of the country's best and incredible artisan businesses who were slowly being allowed back to work. This now gave us the opportunity to fulfil our dreams and make the rebrand happen.

So, myself, my daughter Rebecca (a creative in her own right), Nim a close friend of some 30 years who had been working with us for some time and later down the line Danny, a good friend's son whom I had known all his life who had just finished a photography degree at uni all got together and went on a journey to transform The TDL brand.

We spent the whole of the summer 2020 creating what I thought was a stroke of genius, there were mood boards everywhere, paper with ideas covered the floor but together we were hell bent on making this work.

Daily zoom calls with box manufacturers, candle makers, perfumers, glass printers the list was endless.

But we all knew by hook or by crook we would make this work. As a group, creatively we felt unstoppable and that the sky's the limit when agreeing not to disagree. The new product had gone to a whole new level and had become so personal, where Rebecca made me paint 5,000 lids in different colours with a gestural brush stroke that not only mirrored what was to become our signature branding logo but also each different fragrance.

We literally did everything ourselves Danny along with either myself or Rebecca doing all the product shots, Nim and I in the outback shack (our outdoor studio) whilst I painted daily 300/400 lids, we were all having the time of our lives, when all around us there was nothing but doom and gloom, and I think it was this project that gave us a purpose and something to fill our days, and for that I am eternally grateful.

The fragrances were named and given a unique number and colour each representing my union of colour and scent, Rebecca came up with the idea to add a different coloured reed to each diffuser which replicates each individual fragrance, we were on fire.

We were also very environmentally mindful and totally embraced sustainability in every element of the product. Inks and wicks totally organic, all the packaging is environmentally friendly, the glass recyclable, our candle wax has no beeswax or paraffin wax, our diffusers are alcohol and ethanol free, literally no stone was left unturned.

The dreams and vision we shared were now becoming a reality and the end of the road was in sight.

I fully realise as humans we are not perfect and it's how you handle adversity that makes us the people we are, and out of what was and still is a difficult situation we had a dream, which through nothing but hard work, determination and a united focus to succeed our DREAM came true and to each and every one of you who have been part of this journey RICK, JAMES, TAN, SUZI, RAE, ZUZANA, PAUL and my incredible team BOO BOO, NIMBO AND DANNY I salute you. The Artist Collection is alive and kicking.


Timothy Dunn London - Luxury Packaging Awards Winner 2021