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Etrusca Cypress & Green Olive Home Diffuser - 195ml


Dedicated to the romance and splendour of a hot Tuscan summer, the Etrusca scented home diffuser is reminiscent of magnificent landscapes, ancient villages and vineyards that are bursting with rich, ripe fruit.

The wonderfully deep fragrance of this perfume diffuser evokes the essence of hot springs and cypress trees. Invigorating pine needles are beautifully blended with cistus, thyme and hot, dry amber. Then, citrus notes of bergamot are expertly combined with the subtle suggestion of luscious green olives, giving way to intense, woody base notes.

If you’re looking for an elegant home fragrance to lift your spirits and whisk you away to an ancient paradise that has inspired generations of great masters, it’s time to lose yourself in the spellbinding essence of Etrusca.


Nimesh Chandarana gave this product: 54321

A great fragrance that is the scent of the summer in our house. Close your eyes and be whisked away to a Mediterranean paradise.

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