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Violette De Lune Neroli & Wild Jasmine Luxury Diffuser - 250ml


Inspired by the sounds and smells of bustling Marrakech, this elegant scented diffuser invokes the atmosphere of a Moroccan Riyadh – the music of a courtyard fountain, hanging tapestries, hand-carved wood, steaming tagines and the swish of silk on ceramic tiles.

Absorb the heady aroma at the end of a blistering day, as the hot sun succumbs to a rich, velvety dusk.

This deep, exotic, floriental scent is intertwined with seductive amber woods and elegant musks, opening with cassis and dark violet. An indulgent blend of the precious oils Moroccan rose and neroli flower are combined with sensual sandalwood, patchouli, red tea, wild jasmine and a hint of luxurious dark chocolate…


Audrey Lucas gave this product: 54321

I bought this diffuser as a gift for my sisters birthday. After a trip to her house I had to go an buy one for myself! My 2015 addiction

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